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Carbon Ink PCB

Carbon Ink PCB

Carbon Ink PCB


Carbon Ink PCB Characteristics


Conductive carbon paste is a conductive ink made of carbon-based particles of non-metallic conductive material uniformly distributed in the thermoplastic resin, which has good conductivity. After the heat curing, the ink film layer will not be easily oxidized, the performance is stable, the acid resistance, alkali resistance etc corrosion resistance after curing is established.  It can play a protective and conductive role.carbon ink pcb board


Carbon Ink PCB Advantage


Its advantage is strong ink adhesion, anti-peeling, abrasion resistance can reach ≥ 1 million times, resistance change rate ≤ 10%, but the conductivity of the slurry can generally be controlled in ≤ 20 ohms, but the cost is lower. It is a key material for electronic components packaging, electrodes and interconnections. It mainly includes two categories of burn-through conductive paste and cured conductive adhesive.

Carbon Ink PCB Appliance
Carbon ink PCBs are mainly used in mobile phone, medical electronics, communications equipment, automotive electronics, smart labels, radio frequency identification , and many other industry fields.

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