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Flexible PCB

 Flexible PCB


Flexible PCB (FPC) is a kind of flexible circuit board with the simplest structure, mainly used for connection with other circuit boards.


The mostly widely used is single layer and double sided FPC.


Single Layer FPC is the simplest type of flexible board. From the bottom to the top: substrate, adhesive, copper foil, adhesive, and protective film. You can add reinforcement as needed.

This kind of fpc is simple structure FPC. Usually made by Raw material and stick band copper clad laminates, those three raw materials are basic production material of fpc .

flexible pcb


First the clad laminates need etching then get the circuit we want. The protective film need drill vias then get pads.

Then clean it up with rolling process to combine both together.

Then do the ENIG or HASL surface finishing to protect the pad. In this way fpc board will be made.

Usually need stamping exactly corresponding and form small printed circuit board.some fpc factory didn’t use use protection,this cost will be very low,but the circuit board strength will become bad. Except for the strength need low level,price need low ,better us paste protective film.


Double-sided FPC Board have pads on both sides, which are primarily used for connection to other boards. From the bottom to the top: protective film, adhesive, copper foil, adhesive, substrate, adhesive, copper foil, adhesive, protective film.


When the board circuits are very complex and single board can not reach functions needs,we need choose double fpc or multilayers fpc .The difference bewtween single layer fpc and mutilayer fpc are adding via design series so that connect all layers clad copper.



Usually the first step to make vias. Drilling vias on the base material can clad copper are first step. And the next step is almost same to single layer fpc.


FPC Specification

Product Name

  Capacitive Touch Flex PCB


  1-8 Layer

Quality Grade

  Standard IPC 2


  DuPont PI, Domestic Shengyi PI

Board Size

  Min 6mm*6mm, Max 400mm*500mm

Board Thickness

  0.6mm - 2.0mm

Copper Thickness

  0.5oz - 2.0oz

Min Tracing / Spacing


Solder Mask Sides

  As per the file

Solder Mask Color

  Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Solder Stop Coating

  PI and PET Film

Silkscreen Sides

  As per the file

Silkscreen Color

  White, Black, Yellow

Surface Finishing

  HASL, HASL Leadfree, Immersion Tin, Gold Finger, OSP

Min Annular Ring


Min Hole Diameter


Tolerance Dimension


Other Tech

  Peelable Solder Mask, Stiffener


FPC Advantages


Compared with rigid PCB, FPC has many advantages, light, thin, small, more reliable, low cost, they are widely used in many fields, like automotive electronics, communication equipment, laptop, smartphone etc. electronic products.

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