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High Frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB

 High Frequency PCB


High frequency Printed Circuit Board is also called HF PCB.


The high frequency plate is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. There are high frequency signal lines or PCB for most high-frequency lines on the board. High frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz. Its physical properties, accuracy and technical parameters are very high, commonly used in automotive anti-collision systems, satellite systems, radio systems and other fields. high frequency pcb


The high frequency circuit board is usually pressed by FR4 glass fiber board. And it’s pressed by entire epoxy resin glass cloth. The whole plate is more uniform in color. The density is larger than the low frequency plate. General high frequency circuit boards are used in circuits with frequencies above 1G. Its dielectric constant is the key, must be very small and stable, dielectric loss is very small, it is not easy to absorb moisture, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties.


The high frequency board can be divided into : Rodgers high frequency board, Taconic high frequency board and other high frequency according to the material.


high frequency printed circuit boardWe supply a fast sample production service which is mainly engaged in high frequency microwave printed circuit boards, double sided and multi-layer boards. 


We has professional production experience in high frequency circuit board, always has domestic and imported high frequency plates (Rogers (Rodgers), TACONIC (Taikang Ni), Arlon (Ya Long), Isola (AESOP), F4B, TP-2, FR-4, dielectric constant 2.2 - 10.6), and can provide 24 hours quick sample service. We will win business opportunities for you. 

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