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Multi-layer PCB

Multi-layer PCB

 Multilayer PCB Board

Multilayer Manufacturing Capability

No. Items Capability
1 Layer 4-32 Layer
2 Maximum panel Size 558*670mm
3 Board thickness 0.20~3.20mm
4 Minimum line width/spacing 0.065mm
5 Minimum line width tolerance +/-10%
6 Minimum finish hole size 0.10mm
7 Hole wall copper thickness 35um Max
8 Maximum copper thickness in pattern 210um
9 Hole size tolerance of PTH 0.05mm
10 Hole size tolerance of NPTH 0.025mm
11 Aspect Ratio 10:01
12 Hole Position Accuracy ±0.05mm min
13 Outline Tolerance ±0.05mm
14 Minimum Soldermask Dam 0.065mm
15 Minimum Legend Printing Width 0.10mm
16 Insulation Resistance 10000MΩ
17 Warpage and Bend 0.50%
18 Dielectric Strength 2000V
19 Peelable Strength Hoz:1.17kg/cm,1oz:1.4kg/cm,2oz:1.98kg/cm,
20 Soldemask Abrasion 6H pencil
21 Fire Resistance 94V-0
22 Impedence Control 8-10%
23 Alignment Tolerance For Multi-layer 0.075mm
24 Surface Finishing Hasl;Hasl LF;OSP;ENIG;Immersion Tin;Immersion Silver;
Gold Finger;Peelable SM;Carbon Ink

With the continuous development of electronic technology and the continuous improvement of electronic equipment requirements in the computer, medical and aerospace industries, the circuit board has been reduced in size, quality has been reduced, and density has increased. Single and double-sided printed boards can't realize further improvement of assembly density due to the limited space available. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the use of multilayer circuit boards with a higher number of layers and a higher packing density. Multilayer circuit boards have been widely used in the manufacture of electronic products for their flexible, stable and reliable electrical performance and superior economic performance. we have made great efforts to multilayer pcb, 4-32 layer multilayer circuit boards become our regular products.
Multilayer PCB Board

multilayer GPS PCB
Product Categories:  GPS PCB   
Model:  86PCBBLD017-3 
Layers:  18L 
Thickness:  1.6mm 
Size:  110mm*117.5mm 
Material:   FR4 
Min Hole:  0.15mm 
Min Hole Copper:  12.5um 
Surface Finishing:  ENIG
Application:  UPS 
Features:  18 layer

Central control PCB

Product Categories:  Central Control PCB   
Model:  86PCBBLD017-4 
Layers:  20L 
Thickness:  2.0mm 
Size:  130.98mm*90mm 
Material:  FR4 
Min Hole:  0.1mm 
Min Hole Copper:  12.5um 
Surface Finishing:  ENIG
Application:  UPS 
Features:  20 Layers

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