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HDI stands for High Density Interconnector. A circuit board which has a higher wiring density per unit area as opposed to conventional board is called as HDI PCB. HDI PCBs have finer spaces and lines, minor vias and capture pads and higher connection pad density. It is helpful in enhancing electrical performance and reduction in weight and size of the equipment. HDI PCB is the better option for high-layer count and costly laminated boards. 


Regarding the electrical needs of high-speed signal, the board should have various features. i.e. high-frequency transmission capability, impedance control, decreases redundant radiation, etc. The board should be enhanced in the density because of the miniaturization and arrays of the electronic parts. In addition, to the result of the assembling techniques of leadless, fine pitch package and direct chip bonding, the board is even featured with exceptional high-density. 

HDI circuit board

HDI PCB Development in 86PCB 


In 2010, we improved its manufacturing facilities in China by adding High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCB manufacturing to its comprehensive capabilities in PCB fabrication and assembly.


Due to the market's demand for HDI PCB manufacturing,we has served customers in multiple industries, including:

Automotive (engine control unit, GPS, dashboard electronics)

Computers (laptops, tablets, wearable electronics, Internet of Things - Internet of Things)

Communication (visual Communication, modules, routers, switches)

Digital (camera, audio, video)


Our manufacturing facilities have the following HDI PCB manufacturing capabilities:


1. Buried, Blind and Micro Vias


3. Copper Fill

4. Sequential Lamination

5. 3/3 Traces/Space

6. 5% Impedance


At the present time, we can produce sequential lamination board up to 30 layers. Our facilities have been fitted with the most advanced Laser Drill Machines that are capable of laser drilling holes as small as 0.002 inch. With the latest HDI technology, we can produce inner and outer layers with as little as a 3/3 Trace/Space featuring excellent registration. We also have very large inventory of raw PCB materials, including NA & exotic materials.


HDI Technology Matrix
Laser Drill 0.002"
Copper Pad 0.008"
Micro Via Max. 8
Smallest BGA 0.40 mm
Trace/Space 0.003"/0.003"
Impedance 5%
HDI circuit board
The picture left illustrates the type of HDI we specialize in. 
Carry 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz Foils for your HDI needs. 
We are also capable of performing back drilling, controlled depth drilling, and Press Fit holes (tight hole tolerance). 
Use cores (laminates) as thin as 0.001." 
Offer Buried Capacitance (BC) Cores. Other technologies include dual FINISH, multiple color soldermask & silk screen, short gold fingers, hybrid builds, etc.

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