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Special Material PCB

Special Material PCB

 Special Material PCB

As we kown, PCB material classification is mainly the following: 


FR-4 (glass fiber cloth base), CEM-1/3 (glass fiber and paper composite substrate), FR-1 (paper based copper clad plate),  metal base copper clad plate (mainly aluminum, a few iron base) more than the current more common types of material, generally known as rigid PCB. Among them, FR4 is the most common material.  The FR4 material is usually TG 130. More than 130, we call it special pcb material.


What’s special material ? 


HDI material : 


The high frequency plate is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. There are high frequency signal lines or PCB for most high-frequency lines on the board. The high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz.


Isola material : 


Isola has developed Tachyon 100G with the highest level of thermal performance for high layer count line cards. The very low Z-axis CTE makes Tachyon 100G a perfect choice for fine pitch BGA applications of 0.8 mm or less and designs with multiple 2 ounce copper ground planes. 

Rogers materail :

roger material

It is characterized by superior temperature stability of permittivity. The thermal expansion coefficient of dielectric constant is very consistent with that of copper foil, so as to improve the lack of PTFE substrate. This product is an ideal application (Yu Hang) for a rapid change in ambient temperature. Because of its low dielectric loss and high reliability of metallized holes, it can be used for higher frequency and multilayer structure.


Ceramic material :


 A thermal conductive organic ceramic circuit board with a thermal conductivity of 9-20W/m.k is prepared under the condition of less than 250 degrees centigrade by using thermal conductive ceramic powder and organic binder.


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